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The twelve gifts of Christmas communication

On the first day of Christmas I realised that preparation is the key to success

On the second day of Christmas I started to eliminate those JENGA (filler) words

On the third day of Christmas I recognised the power of stillness to demonstrate gravitas

On the fourth day of Christmas I reminded myself not to be put off by audience members who look bored or even hostile. It’s more than likely just their concentrating demeanour

On the fifth day of Christmas I learned the importance of brevity

On the sixth day of Christmas it was obvious how tough and how important it is to be concise

On the seventh day of Christmas I vowed to make it all about the audience (then it’s not about me)

On the eighth day of Christmas I finally believed that my audience can’t see the nerves I’m experiencing

On the ninth day of Christmas I did the 4/7/8 breathing and it slowed my heart rate and cleared my scrambled brain

On the tenth day of Christmas the penny dropped that belief in my content (and its value to my audience) is the key to confidence

On the eleventh day of Christmas I tried to respect others’ entitlement to challenge me

And on the twelfth day of Christmas, I stopped talking and just listened………









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