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Jayne Constantinis – Training

Jayne is one of the most sought-after trainers in the business, whether she’s delivering one-to-one speaker or confidence training for a CEO or celebrity athlete; running a presentation skills course for lawyers; guiding teams towards improving their pitch conversion rate; helping graduates develop robust communication habits or working with individuals on gravitas/personal impact issues.

Being a good communicator is a skill not a gift; it’s about how you feel as well as what you say; it’s about being authentic, not acting; content as well as performance. Jayne understands how career/life enhancing being a good communicator is, and she derives huge satisfaction from helping others to ‘shine’.

Why is Jayne’s training so effective?

It draws on 25 years working in front of a camera, a microphone, an audience or a laptop. She’s been (and still is) a:

  • Live BBC TV announcer
  • BBC TV newsreader/reporter on business news
  • Presenter of corporate broadcasts
  • BBC2 presenter (factual entertainment)
  • Speaker at live events (TEDx)
  • Conference host/facilitator.

As well as that wealth of experience, Jayne has exceptional people skills, great empathy and warmth (and a sense of humour), and the ‘technical’ skills to design engaging and memorable training experiences.

A huge thank you for the training, for the knowledge you passionately transmitted and how inspirational you were, daring us to get out of your comfort zone.

Director, global retailer

You truly are amazing at what you do, and I am so grateful for the transformation made in such a short space of time.

C suite executive

I have attended quite a few training days and webinars over the last year, and I can honestly say you have really made a difference. It is not one of, but the most inspirational session I’ve signed up to!

Director, pharmaceutical sector

I need to express how incredible the Growing your own Gravitas course was. Jayne was a captivating presenter and provided us with so many useful techniques and tricks to help build our confidence.

Manager, global retailer

Jayne was absolutely wonderful! I found myself thoroughly engaged throughout the session with each chapter containing gold nuggets of information I will be sure to put to good use in my role.


Jayne was an amazing coach, so engaging and encouraging. I learned so much from her about presenting skills, have built on my confidence and feel inspired to take this into my working environment.

PR executive

You really are doing God’s work with these courses; we’ve never had such consistently great feedback! Thank you so much for all you do.


Best event I’ve ever been to – practical, potentially life-changing

Partner, law firm

1. What is the style and format of the training

Jayne’s style of training is pragmatic, supportive, creative and fun. She distils 25 years in front of a camera/microphone/audience/laptop, and shares them with others via practical tips and strategies which can then become lifelong habits. No theoretical management babble here.

A session will be carefully structured to hold the attendees’ attention via a combination of exercises, examples, interactive discussion and Jayne’s nuggets of experience. There will be no PowerPoint!

Every training programme is bespoke. It begins with a blank piece of paper and is designed around the objectives of the participants; availability, budget and logistics.

Courses can be delivered face to face or online. One to one in person or to 200 people across the world, webinar-style. And everything in between. Full day, half day, months of ongoing coaching. Anything is possible.

2. Who is the training for?

Jayne works with individuals and groups who want to become skilled and confident communicators (in their professional and personal lives); people who want to learn the techniques to be able to perform to their very best ability (even those who are not naturally gifted) in a variety of different situations.

Each session focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the participants and is tailored precisely to their objectives. In 20 years of training, Jayne has helped people of all levels of seniority and experience to:

  • Improve their general communication/presentation skills
  • Learn to be more persuasive and influential
  • Communicate with more confidence (in a new role/job)
  • Prepare and rehearse for interviews
  • Improve their pitch conversion rate
  • Prepare for a specific presentation/panel discussion/after dinner talk/best man speech
  • Grow their own style of gravitas/presence
  • Make complex content accessible to non-technical audiences
  • Become more comfortable speaking off the cuff/on the spot
  • Improve their networking and ‘small talk’ skills
  • Prepare for a media interview/webinar.

Jayne works across all sectors and industries; with corporates of all shapes and sizes; with very senior individuals and those at the start of their careers. She has amassed particular experience in:

  • Professional and financial services
  • Technology
  • Property
  • Media/PR/Advertising agencies

3. Course content

Every session is tailored to the specific needs of the attendees. There is always a dual emphasis on content and performance. It’s not enough to be a polished performer if your message is of no value to your audience! Jayne helps people engage others by creating content which is both memorable and relevant and by delivering it with presence and confidence. Communication is just like a sport – success comes from doing many small things differently.

While each course has a particular focus (see list below), there are topics which will be covered in most sessions, including:

  • Efficient preparation
  • Message and audience planning
  • Structuring content for maximum impact
  • Choreographing a presentation
  • Using memorable language
  • Developing a personal ‘brand’
  • Confidence – it’s a muscle not a mystical force field
  • Rehearsal techniques
  • Performance tips for face to face and online (including body language)
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Maintaining control when put on the spot.

4. Jayne's unique post - course support

Jayne provides a unique 18-month programme of post-training support to all attendees, to encourage their on-going engagement and commitment. This initially involves email communication (at monthly/bi-monthly intervals) to check on progress; support for subsequent presenting/speaking opportunities; sharing examples (articles, clips) of good/bad practice. Attendees are thus able to consolidate what was learned in the training room. Subsequently, they receive a series of 10 minute audio podcasts made by Jayne, (downloadable from a password-protected area of the site) at 6-weekly intervals. Each one focuses on a specific area which was covered in the initial training – a further way of ensuring that trainees’ new tools and behaviours become truly embedded.

NEW - By the seat of your pants – how to ad lib with confidence and skill

Any level

  • Half day for max 8 people

This course is for people who struggle with impromptu communication; who fear having to speak off the cuff; who dread being called on to talk spontaneously, without preparation; who are terrified of losing control. In this highly interactive and practical session, Jayne will offer you all that she’s learned in 25 years on live television and radio, and on live events. She will gently expand your comfort zone, lead you to the edge of it and support you while you grow in confidence and skill.

This training is highly bespoke. Jayne will tailor the exercises and content to each attendee’s needs but topics are likely to include: Mindset – moving to a less ‘catastrophic’ perception; ‘It’s not about you’ – moving the spotlight from you to them; planning for the unpredictable; rehearsal; vocal strength – getting comfortable with the sound of your voice; QVC – a masterclass in ad libbing; small talk and networking skills; dealing with challenge; structure – sounding organised and logical; the power of storytelling on the hoof; delivery – looking and sounding confident (pace, pause, eye contact, body language);managing nerves; recovering from a ‘patch of ice’ (in the moment and afterwards); the value of the post-match analysis; growing your confidence muscle – how to ad lib every day.

You will learn that ad libbing with confidence and skill is just like a sport. Success is a combination of technique, practice and mindset

What they said: “Thanks again for all your help, Jayne. I know I will be taking this forward with me for the rest of my career”.

Presentation skills

Any level

  • Full day for max 5 people
  • Half day for any number

This course is about: The fundamentals of effective presenting/communication/public speaking; acquiring technical skills and building confidence and control; your individual strengths and weaknesses; practical strategies for being the best you can be; remaining authentic; efficient and effective preparation; how to rehearse; audience and content planning; making complex content accessible; use of Powerpoint; dealing with nerves.

You will learn: the confidence and the technical tools to present with impact and skill

What they said: “Jayne was an amazing coach, so engaging and encouraging. I learned so much from her about presenting skills, have built on my confidence and feel inspired to take this into my working environment”. “I would honestly say it was the most useful training I have ever done”.

Grow your own gravitas – confidence in communications

Any level

  • Full day for up to 8 people
  • Half day for up to 4 people

This course is about growing your confidence; developing presence and gravitas; being empowered to get your point across in meetings; doing yourself justice in presentations and pitches; speaking out assertively; dealing with challenge; demonstrating your expertise/experience; maximising every opportunity to communicate with impact and clarity. It involves establishing robust communication habits; addressing your mind set and your skill set; discovering that confidence is not a mystical force field but something which can be created and developed.

You will learn the practical tools and mindset to grow your own confidence and gravitas

What they said: “I need to express how incredible the Growing your own Gravitas course was. Jayne was a captivating presenter and provided us with so many useful techniques and tricks to help build our confidence when presenting to large groups or in a business meeting. And I love that she’s committed to checking in with us over the coming months”.

Executive presence and communication/presentation skills

Advanced level

  • Full day or half day, any number of people

This course is about: fine tuning your personal brand and developing your authentic version of ‘presence’; acquiring advanced communication/presentation skills: analysing your audience for maximum engagement; defusing hostile audiences; creating rapport with others; structuring a presentation for clarity and impact; using contrast and variety to effectively choreograph content; bringing dry material to life and making it memorable; crafting nuanced messages and communicating them with subtlety and elegance; handling difficult questions, maintaining control; enhancing your reputation; supporting your company’s brand.

You will: expand your existing skills, learn new techniques to develop ‘presence’ and become an outstanding communicator.

What they said: “Thank you Jayne! Since our sessions, I spoke at five public events and one webinar and all your tips and guidance helped so much. How I prepared, wrote notes, moderated, breathing exercises, posture/sitting position, and more all figured into the events”. “Thanks so much for your brilliant support. It has made a massive difference”.

Pitching to win

Any level

  • Half day for any number of people plus optional rehearsal sessions for actual pitch

This course is about: preparation, content, choreography, performance; answering the brief and going beyond it; reinforcing your organisation’s brand; analysis of competition and audience; standing out from the crowd; bringing content to life; use of distinctive visuals, props, handouts; group dynamic and individual performance tips. Aristotle’s three appeals to persuasion

You will learn to be: memorable, distinctive, compelling – to resonate with your audience, to make them feel safe and inspired so that giving you the business will seem logical and obvious!

What they said: “I really enjoyed your session, it was insightful, funny and engaging. I have definitely taken away thought provoking and practical tools which I can start using in pitches”.

Persuasion and influence – “how to get what you want from the world”

Any level

  • Full day for max 20 people

This course is about acquiring the technical skills and mindset to become a persuasive and influential communicator; unpicking the anatomy of influence; Aristotle’s three appeals to persuasion; understanding your audience so that you can resonate with them; compelling content – gold nuggets; how to package your ideas to be memorable and engaging; raised eyebrow moments – having an emotional impact on people; finessing your delivery style/tone/pace to make a human connection; understanding the barriers to persuasion and finding ways over them; the power of storytelling.

You will learn how to harness a range of practical tools, techniques and ideas to be able to “get what you want from the world” (in a positive not manipulative way)

What they said: “A fantastically engaging course! If you want to improve your skills and understanding of how to communicate, influence and persuade others then this interactive and thorough course is for you. The course leader, Jayne, is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, experienced and kept my focus all day. I think this will genuinely improve my communication skills across all areas of my life!”

One to one coaching/interview preparation

Any level

  • Bespoke – length and number/frequency of sessions according to client need

This training is about: confidence, content and control in high-pressure interview situations or in general communication scenarios. You will learn how to plan content which is impactful and memorable; how to prepare for difficult questions; how to respond appropriately to challenge; how to make a connection with your interviewer/colleagues/clients/audience. Sessions cover content,  tone, body language, vocal skills and pace. The objective is to empower you to be able to present yourself authentically, confidently and with clarity.

Jayne helps/has helped: children preparing for 11+ and 13+; young people applying for university; a university lecturer seeking professorship; executives from a range of sectors being assessed for new roles; a ‘big 4’ accountant going through the partnership process; C-suite executives preparing for a rigorous procurement process; a lawyer being assessed for partnership; a ‘best man’ preparing for the big speech; a golf captain getting ready for an after dinner speech; young adults in need of general communication confidence.

You will learn: to present yourself in the best possible light through excellent content, strong performance and a confident mind set

What they said: “I did my first interview yesterday. It went amazingly well. I feel so much more confident since the training, so thanks again”.

Leadership communication

Advanced level

  • Half day for up to 15 people

This course is about acquiring the fundamental communication tools of good leadership – active listening; speaking with clarity; giving difficult feedback; dealing with challenge; inspiring and nurturing others; storytelling and sometimes showing vulnerability; small talk and networking skills. It’s about preparation techniques, audience mapping, compelling content, an assured and engaging delivery style; demonstrating a combination of warmth and expertise.

You will learn how to achieve excellence in a range of communication areas, to be able to fulfil your leadership potential and take others with you

What they said: “I’ve accepted to moderate panels at three conferences later this year which is massively out of my comfort zone and I doubt I’d have done that prior to your session”.

Virtual training for international groups

Any level

  • Half day for up to 6 people
  • Two half days for up to 12 people
  • Each attendee additionally receives a 45/90 minute one to one online session
  • Timing of sessions in line with client’s time zones

This training is about maximising the potential of online platforms (Zoom and Teams) to deliver compelling and effective communication skills training for international groups. The content is tailored to the individual attendees; sessions are skilfully choreographed for maximum variety and interaction. Video, audio, break out rooms, exercises, group work and solo tasks are used to bring the learning alive and ensure attendees’ full engagement. There is no Powerpoint. In the one to one sessions, attendees work on their individual challenges and objectives and receive a tailored set of tools to achieve their goals.

You will learn to become a skilful and confident communicator, and that online training can be as effective as face to face learning

What they said: “I found it so interesting, engaging, and well structured. There were several useful things I felt I could take away from it to use in quite a few areas of my life, and I’ve already been telling people about it!  I also wanted to comment on how much I liked the way you allowed us to break out into smaller groups for the exercises as I find this a much more comfortable way to interact with this type of course. When we did come together as a group it felt more like an informal chat rather than putting people on the spot to speak which again made me feel a lot more comfortable offering what I had to say freely, rather than feeling forced”.

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“I really can’t thank you enough for working so hard and passionately with us. From the small practical tips to the much larger picture of how we are/would like to be perceived by those around us professionally, you have given me the beginnings of a most valued life skill.”

Lucy, teacher, London prep school

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