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Jayne is one of the most sought-after trainers in the business, whether she’s delivering one-to-one speaker training for a CEO or celebrity athlete; running a presentation skills course for lawyers; guiding teams towards improving their pitch conversion rate; helping teachers/school children develop new communication habits or working with an individual on confidence/personal impact issues.

Jayne’s unique approach draws on two and a half decades working as a live BBC TV voice over and news reader, as a presenter of broadcast and corporate programmes, as a speaker at live events and as a writer. Add to that her exceptional people skills and experience in corporate communications and financial PR, and you’ll see why clients find her to be “inspirational”, “invaluable”, “empathetic” and “effective”.

Working with Olympic superstars prompted Jayne to confront and dispel the myths around confidence in communications – as a result she has developed a highly effective process to empower those who want to become skilful communicators.

Being a good communicator is a skill not a gift; it’s about how you feel as well as what you say; it’s about being authentic, not acting; content as well as performance – being the very best you can be. Jayne understands how career/life enhancing being a good communicator is, and she derives huge satisfaction from helping others to ‘shine’.

“I am not a fan of public speaking – but Jayne put me at ease in moments. Her speaking tips are spot-on and she manages to highlight areas for improvement in an exceptionally thoughtful and encouraging way. I was amazed at the progress I made within an incredibly short period of time.”

Partner, Bingham McCutchen (London) LLP

1. What is the style of the training?

Jayne’s style of training is pragmatic, supportive, creative and fun. She distils all she’s learned from 25 years in front of a camera/microphone/audience, and shares it with others via highly practical tips and strategies which can then become lifelong habits. No theoretical management babble here!

2. Who is the training for?

Jayne works with individuals and groups who want to become skilled and confident communicators (in their professional and personal lives); people who want to learn the techniques to be able to perform to their very best ability (even those who are not naturally gifted) in a variety of different situations.

Each session focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the participants and is tailored precisely to their objectives. In 20 years of training, Jayne has helped people of all levels of seniority and experience to:

  • Improve their client/peer-facing communication skills
  • Communicate with more confidence in a new role/job
  • Prepare and rehearse for job interviews
  • Improve their pitch conversion rate
  • Prepare and rehearse a specific presentation/panel discussion/after dinner talk
  • Develop a more persuasive telephone style
  • Make complex content accessible to non technical audiences
  • Improve their networking and ‘small talk’ skills
  • Prepare for a media interview/webinar

Jayne works across all sectors and with corporates of all shapes and sizes. However, she has amassed particular experience in:

  • Professional and financial services
  • Technology
  • Publishing
  • Sport
  • Property
  • Media/PR/Advertising agencies

3. Course content

Every session is tailored to the specific objectives of the client though, unlike other trainers, there is always a dual emphasis on content and performance. It’s not enough to be a polished performer if your message is of no value to your audience! Jayne helps people engage and persuade audiences by creating content which is both memorable and relevant.

While each course has a particular focus (see list below), there are topics which are covered in all sessions, including:

  • Efficient preparation
  • Message and audience planning
  • Structuring content for maximum impact
  • Choreographing a presentation
  • Using memorable language
  • Developing a personal ‘brand’
  • Confidence – dispel the myths
  • Rehearsal techniques
  • Performance tips (including body language)
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Being in control

A bespoke session can also include topics such as media training, creating engaging and memorable PowerPoints and answering difficult questions.

4. Jayne's unique post - course support

Jayne provides a unique 18-month programme of post-training support to all attendees, to encourage their on-going engagement and commitment. This initially involves email communication (at monthly/bi-monthly intervals) to check on progress; support for subsequent presenting/speaking opportunities; sharing examples (articles, clips) of good/bad practice. Attendees are thus able to consolidate what was learned in the training room. Subsequently, they receive a series of 10 minute audio podcasts, (downloadable from a password-protected area of the site) at 6-weekly intervals. Each one focuses on a specific area which was covered in the initial training – a further way of ensuring that trainees’ new tools and behaviours become truly embedded.

Sample courses

Presentation/communication skills

Any level

  • Up to 5 people, 4-5 hours

This course is about: The fundamentals of effective presenting/communication/public speaking; acquiring technical skills and building confidence and control; your individual strengths and weaknesses and practical strategies for being the best you can be; remaining authentic; efficient and effective preparation; how to rehearse; audience and content planning; making complex content accessible.

You will learn: how to communicate with skill and confidence.

Advanced presentation skills for senior executives


  • One to one
  • Up to three people
  • Two sessions of 3-4 hours

This course is about: Analysing your audience for maximum engagement; defusing hostile audiences, creating rapport with others; structuring a presentation for clarity and impact; using contrast and variety to effectively choreograph content; bringing dry material to life and making it memorable; crafting nuanced messages and communicating them with subtlety and elegance; handling difficult questions, maintaining control; enhancing your reputation; supporting your company’s brand.

You will: sharpen up your existing skills and learn new techniques to become an outstanding communicator.

Confidence in communications (for individuals)


  • One to one
  • 4 hours (with the option of a further follow-up session)

This course is about: self confidence and personal impact/brand; verbal and physical empowerment; a safe, private, highly supportive environment. If you feel your lack of confidence and your inability to communicate effectively is holding you back, this course will help you become who you aspire to be. You will learn new techniques and skills for a variety of scenarios including client/peer-facing meetings, job/promotion interviews, networking/small talk, a specific presentation.

You will learn to be more: be more confident; be more in control: get your voice heard. communicator.

NEW - Communication Skills for Practice Development (for lawyers)

Any level

  • Up to four people
  • Two half-day sessions (4 hours each)
  • Two modules per session

This course is about: giving young lawyers the communication skills and confidence to grow their own practice and support their firm’s marketing activities.

You will learn: all the fundamentals of good communication, including how to prepare, structure and deliver a presentation/pitch; how to combat nerves; PowerPoint; the art of networking; growing ‘presence’ in meetings and beyond; online/digital/social media best practice.

Pitching to win (group)

Any level

  • Half or full days

This course is about: preparation, content, choreography, performance; answering the brief and going beyond it; reinforcing your organisation’s brand; analysis of competition and audience; standing out from the crowd; bringing content to life; use of distinctive visuals, props, handouts; group dynamic and individual performance tips.

You will learn to be: memorable, distinctive, compelling – to resonate with your audience.

NEW - Interview preparation and rehearsal

Any level

  • One to one
  • Number and length of sessions – according to client need

This training is about: confidence, content and control in a high pressure interview situation. You will learn how to plan content which is impactful and memorable; how to prepare for difficult questions; how to respond appropriately to challenge; how to make a connection with your interviewer. Sessions cover tone, body language, vocal skills and pace. The objective is to empower you to be able to present yourself authentically, confidently and with clarity.

Jayne helps/has helped: children preparing for 11+ and 13+; young people applying for university; a university lecturer seeking professorship; executives from a range of sectors being assessed for new roles; a ‘big 4’ accountant going through the partnership process; C-suite executives preparing for a rigorous procurement process.

You will learn: to present yourself in the best possible light through excellent content, strong performance and a confident mind set.

Communication skills training in schools – for children and teachers

Any level

  • Small/large group sessions
  • Bespoke content
  • On-going support

This course is about: helping adults and children improve their communication skills.

Many teachers lack confidence when communicating with parents/colleagues in formal situations such as curriculum talks/subject presentations (despite experiencing no such issues in the classroom). Key topics include • Structuring content for maximum impact • Dealing with nerves – being in control • Performance (a set of practical tips for each individual) • Answering difficult questions • The art of small talk.

For children, the emphasis is on fundamental, age-appropriate, face to face communication skills which are relevant to their lives and where they can see the benefits of establishing new habits. Key topics include • The power of the apology • Communicating better with adults • Positive communication • Dealing with challenging situations (peer pressure, unpleasant comments) • The art of public speaking • Persuasion techniques.

The result: greater confidence, increased self esteem and, often, more fruitful relationships in and out of school; an important life skill which is being neglected in an increasingly technology-obsessed world.

NEW - Media training

Any level

  • Group or one-to-one, half day

This course is about: giving you confidence and control in even the most challenging of media interviews. It’s about technical skills, your understanding of the media, and your attitude as you approach an interview situation. You will leave the training room with a framework for preparation, a set of practical tools and a more positive mindset.

You will learn: to take control; to be more confident; to get your messages across.

NEW - Finding your voice - communication coaching through the divorce process


  • One to one
  • Two sessions of 4 hours
  • On-going support

This course is about: empowering people who have been diminished by a relationship break down and who feel intimidated by the process of divorce. It’s a highly practical programme which gives you the tools and techniques to be able to communicate effectively in a range of challenging situations (not just within the legal process). It helps you achieve your objectives; grow in confidence and maintain a greater sense of control. It’s about rediscovering your voice, literally and metaphorically.

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Coaching for senior executive in preparation for appearance on Question Time
Media training for diplomats heading for high profile postings abroad
Presentation coaching for all senior executives

“I really can’t thank you enough for working so hard and passionately with us. From the small practical tips to the much larger picture of how we are/would like to be perceived by those around us professionally, you have given me the beginnings of a most valued life skill.”

Lucy, teacher, London prep school

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