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Jayne Constantinis – Presenting/Speaking – Live Events


Jayne has considerable experience facilitating/moderating events large and small – conferences, road shows, seminars and awards ceremonies. She excels at gauging the tone of an event, tailoring her content and performance accordingly and making a connection with the audience. She ad-libs skilfully and, after years on live television, thrives on the ‘seat of pants’ nature of some events.

She handles Q & A sessions, panel discussions, interactive technology and one-to-one interviews with skill. She puts interviewees at their ease or through their paces, as required – enabling them to shine while ensuring that the objectives of the event are met. And Jayne’s events always finish on time!


“@jconstantinis awesome conference moderator –
silky smooth voice & incisive comments ”,

Danusia, leadership consultant

While she sees her role as supporting actress rather than leading lady, delegate feedback suggests that she is a real asset to an event. Corporate clients say she adds real, tangible value to their team.

With her background in corporate and financial PR and as a business reporter on BBC World, Jayne is an ideal choice for corporate and financial services clients. She has hosted a number of live events and broadcasts for organisations in this sector including Barclays, Legal & General, Lloyds TSB, NFU Mutual and Prudential.


“you were mind-blowingly brilliant!”,

Sarah, MD


Jayne is increasingly being asked to present her own content at live events (sometimes in addition to moderating). Her area of expertise is communication skills and she is a leader in her field, based on 20 years training individuals and groups (see Training page for more). She speaks on topics such as

‘Present like an Olympic athlete’,
‘Developing an effective and authentic communication style’,
‘Confidence is not a trick’.

Her style is lively, engaging and inspiring.

She delivers this content via a presentation or workshop-style. In both cases, the material is highly practical and of immediate use to the delegates. Every presentation is tailored to the audience and made relevant to their needs/experience. Jayne consistently scores extremely highly in delegate feedback. They value her expertise and insights but also her humour and accessibility.

Examples of work

  • 20 minute talk on communicating with confidence, for 200 technology sales people at their annual conference
  • 30 minute workshop on presenting skills, for a professional women’s network
  • 45 minute breakfast seminar for 15 associate lawyers on achieving more ‘gravitas’ in meetings
  • 30 minute talk on communication as a life skill at the Dartington literary Festival
  • 90 minute presentation/workshop on professional presence, for 30 executives at a multinational corporation

  • 20 minute talk on ‘Growing your own Confidence’, for 150 women at a Back to Work event
  • 90 minute workshop for 40 bankers on being more assertive
  • 45 minute presentation to 60 teachers on networking skills
  • 2 hour ‘Lunch & Learn’ for 25 management consultants on negotiation skills
  • 45 minute presentation on ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ for PRCA (Public Relations and Communications Association)
  • 90 minute workshop for 10 trainers on how to structure and deliver an effective workshop!


Day-long London conference for 300 Risk Managers. High profile event with senior management. Facilitating day, time keeping, introducing and interviewing panel of experts; audience Q&AChallenges

  • Highly specialised and technical content


Inaugural day-long ‘Make your own Luck’ conference for 150 professional women. Moderated day; ran 4 panel discussions; interviewed one keynote speaker; facilitated Q&As; gave presentation on ‘Presenting with impact’

  • Enabling every speaker to ‘shine’ brightly
  • Timing – keeping each panel to time while ensuring that the audience got best value from the speakers

Nationwide roadshow of day-long events for 200 healthcare professionals to promote understanding of personality disorder. Facilitating day, time keeping, introducing and interviewing experts, audience Q&A. See testimonial below

  • Some attendees sceptical
  • Complex and sensitive topics. Needed in-depth knowledge to be able to facilitate discussion


Annual conference for 200 sales people, 2-day event. Spoke on ‘Communicating with impact and confidence’ and ran workshops for groups of 20 – bespoke, lively sessions giving attendees practical and immediately applicable tips.

  • Delivering content which was relevant to each of the 200 individuals in the audience
  • Time – both sessions short. Had to condense huge amount of potential material


Nationwide roadshow of day-long events for 200 driving examiners and test centre employees. Time keeping, introductions; one-to-one interviews, facilitating audience feedback from interactive technology.Challenges

  • Lively, vocal and sometimes challenging audience
  • Needed thorough understanding of organisation and its issues

The best thing that happened to our conference was a friend recommending Jayne Constantinis. Jayne was brilliant from the very beginning of our engagement! She was professional, keen to understand the nature and content of the event and was supremely pleasant to work with.

In addition to her skilful performance on the day, when she seamlessly transitioned from keynote to panel to interview as if she knew each presenter personally, Jayne also added value by making planning suggestions and, herself, delivering a mini-workshop which was most enthusiastically received. In fact, out of 5 keynote speakers (and 15 panellists), Jayne scored the highest in our audience feedback.

Her expertise, pride in her work and passion for delivering top notch service were greatly valued – not just by the organisers but, more importantly, by the audience! For a successful conference or speaking event, I couldn’t recommend a better moderator and overall contributor than Jayne Constantinis.

Founder, Voice at the Table

I just wanted to thank you for proving to the XX team that a good facilitator is essential for events of this type. I really appreciate how much time you invested in their success. They will have to work hard to find anyone who does such a thorough job as you in future!

Hilary Thorpe
Producer, Grayling

Jayne offers more than other presenters/facilitators who just look good reading autocue in a studio. For us she handled a complex event with a sensitive subject and tight timetable. She excelled at thinking on her feet under pressure; being flexible and proactive at problem solving. She interpreted the tone of the event perfectly, connected with the audience and added real value with scripting. I would trust Jayne with any event which needs skilful communication.

Helene Reardon Bond
Dept of Communities and Local Government

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