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Training testimonials

“Jayne Constantinis … is simply fabulous. She trained me at XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX and was so good that I had her train my entire team (and half the office).”

Natasha, Partner, law firm

“I was very cynical prior to the training, but Jayne delivered an informative and very useful session, I was impressed.”

Peter, Solicitor

“I know you are always so modest but I really believe that the time I spent with you was wholly responsible for the change of my self-confidence and self-awareness.”

Susan, Director of Operations, luxury goods

“Thank you for an outstanding training session this afternoon. Expertly and thoroughly delivered, and masses for us to learn. I have no doubt that we will all benefit significantly as a result and we are indebted to you”.

Philip, Headmaster, London prep school

“Jayne has been a trainer with PRCA for 3 years and we are always so delighted with the sessions she runs for our members. Feedback is consistently positive and she comes highly recommended from past delegates, as well as the PRCA team. Jayne’s style of training is interactive, hands on and very friendly! The communication doesn’t stop after the training has ended; Jayne has regular contact with delegates and is always ready to answer questions or share handy hints.”

Alice, Talent and Professional Development Director, PRCA

“I was impressed by the course.”

Tim, Private Banker

“After our session I felt far more confident about speaking to an audience … It has paid dividends … Highly recommended.”

Richard, Author

“I just used your advice and it worked!!”

Wendy, HR Director, global outsourcing

“You have worked wonders! Next time I am signed up for a talk, I will find a budget somewhere that means I can get your invaluable assistance – it really is much appreciated!”

Liz, Partner, law firm

“Thank you so much for yesterday. I found it hugely helpful and a little to my surprise enjoyable! I have been practicing my new techniques. I genuinely can feel a difference which is interesting. All your great coaching has really paid off.”

CEO, international publishing house

“Jayne provides an excellent bespoke training service for presentation skills and public speaking. I thoroughly recommend her.”

Victoria, senior manager, law firm

“Thank you for the fantastic coaching yesterday. I feel that I can significantly improve my communication style and technique as a consequence.”

Chris, MD, global outsourcing

“We have definitely seen a marked improvement in our pitch success rate.”

John, MD, financial communications consultancy

“Thank you so much for yesterday. It was inspiring, effective and fun.”

LB, Teacher, London prep school

“I thoroughly enjoyed our session and bored my husband endlessly with all the techniques we covered plus the theory and research you referenced. Thank you – an invaluable session.”

Judith, Director of PR and Communications, global law firm

“We are both amazed about the quality of the comments – people rarely bother adding comments to these (feedback) forms so you have truly inspired them all!”

Bryan, MD, entertainment lighting

“I am really glad that I chose Jayne to help me with my public speaking work. I am confident that what I have learnt will have a significant impact on my performance as a public speaker.”

Etienne, Olympic athlete

“I found Jayne to be not only empathetic, kind and funny but also incredibly engaging and professional – a true expert in her field. Overall, she is a delight to work with.”

Denisse, Consultant, financial services

“It was a real pleasure to work with you and I learned an enormous amount from your wealth of expertise.”

Dominic, risk analyst, multinational security

“Your guidance and feedback were extremely insightful.”

Roderick, Solicitor

“I thought there was little I could learn about presenting but Jayne was fantastic. What Jayne covered has certainly made me think and I will be putting it into practice. I think it was telling that I only saw one person look at their phone during the whole time – testament to a good speaker”.

Neil, MD, media agency

“I really can’t thank you enough for working so hard and passionately with us. From the small practical tips to the much larger picture of how we are/would like to be perceived by those around us professionally, I feel you have given me the beginnings of a most valued life skill. Many many thanks again.”

Lucy, senior leadership team, London prep school

Presenting and voice over testimonials

“Working with Jayne means you instantly acquire a very committed team member who is totally focused on achieving fantastic results.”

Maureen, Communications Director, pharmaceutical sector

“Jayne’s greatest asset is her ability to bring energy and enthusiasm, as well as excellent journalistic skills, to every project she’s involved in.”

Julia, Producer, TV production

“Jayne’s intelligent delivery combines a natural warmth with friendly authority. She is able to make a real connection with the audience and bring scripts to life. We call her the one-take-wonder.”

Judith, Producer, TV broadcasting

“Jayne can take a piece of corporate communication and give it a tone and an accessibility that is spot on brief. My clients were extremely taken with her.”

Thea, Producer, TV broadcasting

“Jayne has a beautiful voice, a natural style which is warm and authoritative, and she delivers near perfect performances every time. Having auditioned several voice over artists, none produced such flawless recordings.”

Nigel, Producer, online motoring publication

“Her work rate is second to none; it’s not unusual for Jayne to deliver 10,000 words in a session lasting less than 3 hours with delivery of the last line as crisp as the 1st.”

Rob, Producer, audio production

“I was very impressed with Jayne. She was nothing short of a godsend. Her professionalism, humour and ability to nail the script consistently, take-on-take has made editing her links a joy.”

Nicola, Producer, TV broadcasting

“Jayne was a pleasure to work with, professional and courteous, and the end result is a set of videos that exceeded expectations.”

Steve, Director, corporate films

“She was highly professional, fantastic to work with and provided a top quality recording for our programmes. Highly recommended.”

Jonathan, Head of Programming, TV broadcasting

Testimonials for live events – moderating and speaking

“The best thing that happened to our conference was a friend recommending Jayne Constantinis. Jayne was brilliant from the very beginning of our engagement! She was professional, keen to understand the nature and content of the event and was supremely pleasant to work with.

In addition to her skillful performance on the day, when she seamlessly transitioned from keynote to panel to interview as if she knew each presenter personally, Jayne also added value by making planning suggestions and, herself, delivering a mini-workshop which was most enthusiastically received. In fact, out of 5 keynote speakers (and 15 panellists), Jayne scored the highest in our audience feedback.

Her expertise, pride in her work and passion for delivering top notch service were greatly valued – not just by the organisers but, more importantly, by the audience! For a successful conference or speaking event, I couldn’t recommend a better moderator and overall contributor than Jayne Constantinis.”

Rina, Founder, Voice at the Table

“@jconstantinis awesome conference moderator – silky smooth voice & incisive comments @VoiceAtTheTable #makeyourownluck …”

Danusia Malina-Derben, Beyond The Leading Edge

“I have worked with a lot of facilitators, Jayne is one of the best in pulling the narrative together and bringing out impactful messages.  She did an amazing job throughout the day”

Chuck, Associate Director, global bank

“Loving the presentation delivery & content of @jconstantinis #MakeYourOwnLuck …”


“… thank you for moderating our panel discussion so well yesterday and also for your final presentation, which I found fascinating …”

Adrian, Head of Legal, investment bank

“It was lovely seeing you facilitate yesterday. With such ease and grace that it seems like facilitating panels is no skill at all …”

Inge, Director, consulting and training

“You did a fantastic job co-ordinating all the panels at the VATT conference. It takes quite some skill to keep the flow running smoothly, maintaining focus and keeping within the allocated time …”

Lindsay, Founder, independent wine merchant

“… I want to congratulate you on your superb facilitation and fantastic presentation, vividly ‘capturing my attention’…”

Taravat, Consultant

“You really did make a massive contribution to the day, Jayne. Your energy, sense of humour, professionalism was simply stunning, not to mention your engagement with the audience …”

Jane, Executive Coach